Pretty CoolFlick and Flickriver’s soul

Hokusai drowning the deaf

Just added the CooFlick embed (found through ReadWriteWeb) to my photography page.

CoolFlick looks great (just like its parent service, Cooliris). And while it may not be immediately obvious, it’s possible to get it to embed the Flickr stream of a specific user or even a specific set.

To embed a specific user photostream, use (e.g. If you’re not sure what’s your Flickr User Id, you can use idGettr etc.

To embed a specific set, use (e.g. The Set ID is the number at the end of your set URL (e.g.

However, speaking of copyright, there is no obvious way to navigate from the CoolFlick version of a photo to the original version on Flickr, which goes specifically against the Flickr Community Guidelines. This is not cool, specifically from a service that obviously refers to Flickr in the service name.

Contrast that with Alex Sirota’s wonderful Flickriver, which goes to great pain to play nice with Flickr, including clear links back to the original entity for each and every entity (user, image, set, …), and a 1-1 correspondence between Flickr URLs and Flickriver URLs – basically, take a Flickr URL, change flickr -> flickriver, and you get the corresponding Flickriver URL.

CoolFlick may look good, but it’s these little things that give such a service a “soul”. Flickriver has a soul behind it, while CoolFlick, at this point, is just a pretty face.

I will promote Flickriver whenever I get a chance, but will ditch CoolFlick for a prettier face when an opportunity arrives.