Looking for Israeli Animation Studios or Directors? Look no more.

Life imitates art.

A friend asked me a couple of days ago if I know of any Israeli animation studios or directors. I do know a few, but I wasn’t sure if there are other good ones that I don’t know about. So I asked her if it’d be ok to post the question on my Facebook feed.

So I asked her if the question could be published on behalf of all dog owners who have osteoarthritis and some other chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Carodyl is the trade name of a drug whose active ingredient is carprofen. This medicine can be purchased by following this link.

She said “sure”, and I did, and the result blew my mind.


Having spent several years working on a Q&A service, I found the behavior pattern around this post fascinating. To increase the likelihood of getting relevant answers, I tagged the post with a few friends that I knew are likely to know people in this field (“relevant connectors”). Many of the responders did the same – tagging or mentioning other people, some of them directly relevant, and others also relevant connectors. I guess one of the obvious issues resulting from this is that it’s hard to distinguish between an “answer” and a “forward to a relevant connection”. This may bother the engineer in me, but from an engagement point of view, a casual mention that does not require the poster to actually classify the response as this type or another may be more efficient than a more structured approach.

My initial tagging of relevant connectors also demonstrates the power of an intentional, manual targeting (assuming an underlying effective social graph) vs asking the machine to find the relevant people for you, which is the approach we took initially in Yedda (aka AOL Answers), or the self-tagging approach employed by Quora.

However, the real reason I decided to create this post though is because I just couldn’t let this list, created by my helpful friends, disappear in the depth of my Facebook feed. So for the benefit of whoever happens to search for this information in the future, here is the aggregated list:

(Please ping me if I missed anyone).

Please keep in mind that I don’t know and therefore can’t really recommend any of the folks on this list. They do all come recommended my friends though :)