The Joy of Photojoy

Ofer Adler of IncrediMail showed me a demo of Photojoy many months ago, standing next to a tiny table, in one of these smoke-filled GarageGeeks nights. It was a running on a tiny laptop screen on a tiny table in a far corner of the area, but within seconds there was a small crowd around us, enjoying the demo, getting excited, making suggestions…

Photojoy is cool. It goes back to the basics: Wallpapers. Screen Savers. 1994-sort-of-stuff. Yes, Flickr is cool. Wow, Picasa is free, and gee, maybe one day Google will be able to search images. But what about the thousands of pictures that I have on my hard disk?

Photojoy is a fresh new way to enjoy pictures on your desktop. These pictures may be from your own personal collection, from Flickr, or from professional stock photography sources. Regardless of the source, Photojoy provides you with a “best practice” – a collection of dynamic wallpapers, smart screen savers and cool Vista Gadgets that enable you to enjoy these pictures like never before.

Try it. I think you will like it :)

I’d love to se Photojoy continue to grow, adding a thin social layer on top of it would be nice, leveraging my existing social graph. The simplest way to do would probably be adding to the Photo Library list of sources, which already includes “Photos on My Computer”, “Web Photos” and “Professional Photos”, a 4th source – “Photos from My Friends”, which would require me to provide my Flickr, Facebook, Bebo, AIM etc. IDs. Once you have that, there opportunities are endless.

I wish I could use the “Post a video of my Photojoy Wallpaper to Flickr” button to do this, but there isn’t any. So instead, imagine these images swing, rotate and change, because that’s what they really do on my home media center PC:

My PhotoJoy Wallpaper on Flickr

And because a lot of what’s cool about this is the fact is actually moves and interact, I thought it might make sense to include their demo video here. But it turns out their demo video isn’t embeddable. Luckily, FireBug to the rescue :)