A Gadget Is A Forest

My GardenI have a theory. My theory is that a gadget is like a forest.

A forest with paths and clearings, hidden treasures and even monsters.

You see, I was trying to figure out what is it that keeps me (and a few others) so fascinated with gadgets. What is it about these shiny devices that makes you want to own them, use them, explore them…?

So, my current (rather shallow, I admit) theory is that a gadget is like a forest. A forest begging to be explored and mapped, promising adventure, hidden treasures and discoveries.

And that’s the thing. That’s why our (my?) fascination with so many gadgets winds down so quickly after we power them up for the first time. Powered up, explored and mapped, with its paths traced out, it treasures dug and adventures played out, the gadget no longer holds a fascination for us. And we’re ready to move on to the next shiny object.

If my theory is true, perhaps this will be useful to cure your desire for an iPhone:

The definitive iPhone user interface gallery