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The Stare From The StairsMany, many years ago, whenever I was still a teenager, in the dark days of Zoom 2400 baud modems (thanks Danielle!), I lived in a certain street in a small town.

Amazingly enough, in the very same street, only a few blocks down the road, lived another Yaniv Golan.

And since it was the same street, with only one digit difference in address, and the same name, I kept getting his (snail) mail and he kept getting mine.

We never actually met, but whenever I got his mails I returned them to the postman with a note to pay attention to the house number. Hopefully he did the same.

Fast forward to the present. I’ve pretty much I’ve completely forgotten about this other Yaniv Golan.

When you Google for Yaniv Golan in Hebrew, you’ll run into quite a few – one that paints custom motorcycles, and another earning his living as a clown in parties. No big deal. But the first result is a Yaniv Golan who was making a living as a professional photographer. And since I am producing quite a bit of amateur photography, I was worried about “ruining his reputation”. So I always put in my Flickr etc profiles a line that says that I’m not him, with a link to his web site.

Lately I’ve started getting emails from people I don’t know, about photography related projects. I ignored the first, wondered about the second, and on the third, I realized they’re probably for the other Yaniv Golan. So I forward it to him.

And when he answered and thanked me, he also asked – “say, are you perhaps the same Yaniv Golan that lived on that street many many years ago?”

Spooky stuff!

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